A native Southern Californian, Pet Safety Lady Christina Selter spent her summers at church and in Girl Scout camps, no doubt where she began her life-long love of the outdoors. As the daughter of a career first responder, Christina learned at an early age what it means to be safe, from wearing a bike helmet and maybe even a helmet in the car (she'll never tell), to unplugging the coffee pot (which she shouldn't have been drinking at that age), safety runs in her blood.

Through her 29 years of life (wink, wink) Christina has been the proud owner of a number of pets including a rat, yes, a rat, two guinea pigs, seven dogs, three cats, two turtles, an iguana, a goldfish and get this, 12 Beta fish, yes, Beta fish, which oddly enough were left as centerpieces at a wedding and she couldn't stand to leave them for anyone else, so they went home with her.

Since founding Bark Buckle UP, Christina has become an expert on all things about pet safety including pet safety in all modes of transportation, pet safety in the yard, at the grocery store, at the pet store and even pet safety in the home or workplace.

As a recognized expert in pet safety, she has been featured in more than 1,200 national and local newscasts, international press conferences and automobile trade shows around the country. Anyone that has buckled up more than 10,000 pets, delivered over 4,000 pet oxygen masks through her Bark10-4 program and secured almost 3,000 animals in life vests is certainly an expert, wouldn't you say? If not, how about this? Christina taught more than 60,000 families in her pet safety classes around the country.

And while her family has seen her as the Pet Safety Lady even as a child (at nine years-old it would seem odd to be called Pet Safety Lady), it wasn't until about five years ago that members of the public began referring to her as the Pet Safety Lady during one of her classes, and the name has caught on.

Christina has an eye for pet lifestyle (she dresses as a different animal every Halloween), trends, and wellness and has provided guidance and advice to countless numbers of pet families across North America. Her extensive experience has made her the go-to Pet Safety Expert for government agencies, media and first responders. Christina's insight and safety advice are featured each month in the online magazine "Mission P.E.T.S." and her other column is found on line and in print each month in "The Virginia Dog" magazine.

As a resourceful and creative entrepreneur with a high-energy personality, Christina counts as her accomplishments:
- Writer, Producer, Director of four short films
- She wrote the 2002 business plan and distribution plan used by Ford Motor Co. to distribute their zero emissions which resulted in earning Ford the title as the only US car manufacturer to gain their ZEV credits prior to the January 2003.
- Only woman in the world to hold a NHTSA certification for VIN verification as a new US vehicle manufacturer.

In her vast amount of free time, Christina enjoys visiting state parks with her husband and family pets, reading, cheering her daughter on to graduation from college and pondering the question that has plagued her and her father since she was young, "But, what if?"

Christina is proof positive that dreams do come true so long as you believe in God, pray and demonstrate creativity. As she likes to say, "Make a difference, everyone can."